Devoto Gardens Winter Skyline

The New Barn

The New Barn. Photo Courtesy of Sylvain Gentile Photography

Devoto Gardens Winter Skyline

It’s time to drink a lot of cider, wine, and all things delicious. Hope everybody had a very merry holiday. We’re preparing for another full year of apples, flowers, winegrapes, lettuces, tomatoes, and peppers. The rain is abundant this time of year, so we’re stuck inside when it’s downright pouring. But the days with a bit of sunshine have been downright gorgeous. We’ve started pruning our apple trees and are done with about 1/4 of the work. Our baby trees look amazing and took on a lot of growth this past summer/fall. Everything is going into a dormant state, so its time to realize what is really important while we complete the circle of the year and start of a new one.

A lot of things have happened this year. After we traveled for about 6 months learning the old-world craft of fermented ciders, Hunter and I returned to the farm and we started a hard cider company that aims to use 100% Devoto Gardens apples. A little bit of sauciness in moderation is good for everybody. Oh, and WE GOT MARRIED <3! Cecily, the youngest Devoto gal, is back on the farm helping us out with marketing, sales, accounting, and basically a little bit of everything. Stan is running around like “the rabbit” he always was. He even built a beautiful new barn this year to properly house our apples and flowers. We grafted over 30 new varieties this past year, comprising 500 trees and a new orchard. No more lavender fields, though. We replaced our almost 1/2 acre of lavender with more apples 🙂

Wishing everybody a safe, delicious, saucy, prosperous, important, and abundant new year. Love, the Devoto Gardens crew