Dog Days of Summer

Engagement party bonfire on the farm at dusk

Last weekend we took a trip to the east coast to celebrate Jolie and Hunter’s engagement party. The majority of our time was spent driving through the predominately Mennonite farmland in northwestern Maryland where Hunter and his wonderful family all grew up. The whole weekend we were surrounded with smiles and outstanding views of the not-so-tall Appalachian Mountains, grand stone houses, expansive corn, alfalfa, and soybean fields, healthy dairy cows, and the occasional apple orchard. We were surprised to learn that northern Maryland had once been a large apple producing region until recent years. Less than a handful of local growers remain in the apple business because prices for fruit are so low…sounds like Sonoma County, CA, right?

Morning mist view from the Wades’ farm in MD

We enjoyed visiting many on-site farm stores in this neck of the woods. One of Hunter’s Mennonite neighbors has a farm store that sells both baked goods and produce at what seems to us a very low cost. It makes you wonder how any other local growers can compete with cultivating any of the same veggies or fruits to make a sustainable living. SO, thank you, California, for making it possible for us to do what we do with the highest integrity possible. Our customers are happy to get what they pay for.

After the 5 hour red-eye flight from the east coast, we realized that the dog days of summer are here as we were welcomed with a blast of heat that blew the blooms open. We’re seeing some flower varieties for the first time this season while other flower varieties, such as the sweet peas and campanula, are dwindling. Our lovely Provence Lavender will make its first appearance at the markets this weekend. Flowers available include agrostemma, cosmos, campanula, godetia, hydrangea, matricaria, lavender, statice, sunflowers, and sweet peas.

Aside from flowers, we’ll continue to thin the apples for several more weeks. Speaking of apples, if you didn’t see the article about our farm in Edible magazine, please check it out! Until next time, must get back to the farm work!


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