Our farm is like a Ferrari: one second, it is stopped and going 0 mph, and the next second, it accelerates to 60 mph. We’re currently somewhere in between and rapidly accelerating. This week it all came at once: beautiful iris, foxglove, sweet peas, snowballs, and sweet william, and not to mention the all the thinning of the pinot vines. It was also the chickens’ first time being outside and pecking at the ground. They scratched at and loved their little “salad bar.”

Hunter, the guys, and I whipped out the vineyard work, which was thinning all of the excess shoots on the grape vines. The important process of thinning will give us the highest quality fruit with the most concentrated flavor. It was also time to mow in our wonderful cover crop of wild radishes, mustards, clovers, dandelions, dock, and grass.

The apple blossoms on most of our trees have fallen off and the center of the bud started turning into baby apples. These pictured below are young honey crisp apples. We’ve been putting pheromones on the trees to confuse the male coddling moths, encouraging them to fly away because they can’t find their female mate on the trees. Farmer Stan has been carefully spraying lots of organic stuff (sulfur, lime, and oil) to help protect the trees from the heavy downpours. Our apple crop is looking great and we’re preparing for a huge year with our 50+ varieties.


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